Parish Stewardship 


Finance Team             

The Finance Team includes the parish trustees, as well as individuals with specialized financial backgrounds to advise and assist the pastor in financials matters and providing parish annual report. To learn more or express interest in the Finance Team contact finance@stjameschatham.rg

Christian Service:   Haiti Project                               

St. James twinned with St. Cecilia Parish in January 2012.  Located in La Victoire, Haiti, it is populated with 15,000 people, 9,000 of whom are Catholic and was founded in 1948.  It is a small, poor and remote parish in the Archdiocese of Cap Haitien in the northeast part of Haiti about 40 miles from Cap Haitian.  Most families have thatched or tin roof homes, and there is neither running water nor electricity.

Notre Dame, the parish school, accommodates 842 children with 16 classrooms, a staff, and a board of directors.  The Parish is responsible for paying employees of the school, rectory and church. There is also a medical center that was begun with the help of St. James; it is very close to completion.  When this is accomplished, the government will provide a doctor, a nurse and a health aid to staff the center at no cost. At the present time a dentist comes once a week but he charges the people.

Through various fund raising efforts, St. James has provided funding to assist with the following items for the parish of St. Cecilia:

  • An Artesian well to provide clean drinking water
  • Repairs to the foundation of the school
  • Construction of a wall around the school for protection to the students
  • Salaries for the teacher
  • Purchase of a truck for parish use
  • Construction of the health center
  • Continued support of parish life

From January 2012, St. James has contributed over $100,000 to our sister parish, St. Cecile.

Parish Outreach Program

The St. James Parish outreach Program benefits a variety of causes.  We support local food pantries, schools, humane societies, nursing homes, migrants, group homes, veterans, Catholic Charities and needful members of our local community. 

Emergency Assistance/Catholic Charities

Our local food pantry, to which we contribute, can be contacted at

Catholic Charities of Columbia and Green Counties can be contacted at and at (518) 828-8660 or (518) 943-1462.

Buildings and Grounds               

Purpose: Maintenance and repair of the church, rectory, and garage buildings and cemetery.