Lector Schedule October - December 2017


If you are unable to serve your scheduled time, please find a replacement. If you are scheduled and are held up, please call the sacristy at 518-392-6918.

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5:30PM Saturday Mass - October - December 2017

10/7/17 Rebecca Greer Marilyn Martin Betty Sundstrom  
10/14/17 Mary Beck Joanne Auerbach Sue Merrill  
10/21/17 Betty Sundstrom Rosemarie Siegel Mark Halpin  
10/28/17 LaVigne/Dooley Mary Beck Marilyn Martin  
11/4/17 Joanne Auerbach Mark Halpin Rebecca Greer  
11/11/17 Mary Beck Sue Merrill Rosemarie Siegel  
11/18/17 LaVigne/Dooley Joanne Auerbach Mary Beck  
11/25/17 Betty Sundstrom Mark Halpin Rebecca Greer  
12/2/17 Marilyn Martin Joanne Auerbach Rosemarie Siegel  
12/9/17 Mary Beck Mark Halpin LaVigne/Dooley  
12/16/17 Rebecca Greer Marilyn Martin Joanne Auerbach  
12/23/17 Betty Sundstrom Rosemarie Siegel Marilyn Martin  
12/24/17 TBD TBD TBD  
12/30/17 Betty Sundstrom Mark Halpin LaVigne/Dooley  


9:00AM Sunday Mass - October - December 2017

10/1/17 Joe Lalka Stephanie Tanaka Chris Cain
10/8/17 Josie Harvey Stephanie Tanaka Joe Thorn
10/15/17 Chris Cain Joe Lalka Donna Peterson
10/22/17 Rose McMcAuliffe Connie Mondel Joe Stone
10/29/17 John Dunne Joe Thorn Josie Harvey
11/5/17 Joe Stone Chris Cain  Marie Orlando
11/12/17 Rose McMcAuliffe Connie Mondel Joe Lalka
11/19/17 John Dunne Joe Stone Donna Peterson
11/26/17 Joe Thorn Marie Orlando John Dunne
12/3/17 Stephanie Tanaka Donna Peterson Josie Harvey
12/10/17 Chris Cain Joe Stone Marie Orlando
12/17/17 Rose McMcAuliffe Joe Thorn Stephanie Tanaka
12/24/17 Marie Orlando John Dunne Joe Lalka
12/25/17 TBD TBD TBD
12/31/17 Donna Peterson Connie Mondel Josie Harvey